Animal Crossing New Horizons: So you can easily chat with your friends with your smartphone …

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a success at Switch and allows you to easily play with friends. However, for communication it is better to use a smartphone with the Nook Link function. That’s how it’s done

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal crosses new horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons quickly became a symbol of containment. It is easily accessible on Nintendo Switch and gives you a breath of fresh air and loss of consciousness.

Without going into details, this game lets you manage a desert and paradise island where you can build your little house and invite anthropomorphic (and very cute) animals to join you to build a small island community.

Animac Crossing New Horizons

A moment of relaxation

In Animal Crossing, each Nintendo Switch is assigned to an island that can be shared by console players. It is also possible to travel to other islands that are managed by friends online or locally. In this particular period, the online function is obviously privileged.

Problem, the interactions between players are very limited in the game, and in particular it is possible to use an impractical text chat with the Nintendo Switch’s virtual keyboard. Fortunately, a smartphone can take over.

NookLink service for rescue

Of course, in order to communicate with friends it is possible to use a completely classic application like WhatsApp or Discord, but here we will take a closer look at the Nook Link service.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Chat history

The chat built into the game isn’t that great

This is the synchronization service set up by Nintendo to use its smartphone with Animal Crossing. There you will find various functions, e.g. B. the possibility to import patterns from the Internet, or the games Animal Crossing New Leaf and Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer.

The feature we’re currently interested in is that of chatting, which allows you to chat with your friends using your smartphone keyboard.

Configure NookLink

To configure Nook Link, you must have subscribed to the Nintendo Switch online service. This subscription is necessary anyway to play online with your friends.

If you have already subscribed, do the following.

  • First, return to the Animal Crossing title screen by pressing the “-” button on the left side of the Joy-Con.
  • When you’re done, press the “-” button again to access the game settings, which are managed by Tom Nook himself.
  • Select the configuration of the NookLink settings and follow the instructions from Tom Nook.

Tom Nook, in the NookLink settings

Tom Nook, in the NookLink settings

You need to download and install the Nintendo Switch online app on your smartphone and log in with your Nintendo account.

When you’re done, simply select Animal Crossing New Horizon in the mobile app to access the Nook Link and its interface, which is reminiscent of a Nookphone.

The two most interesting features of the application are those that allow text chat and the ability to integrate personalized patterns into the game simply by scanning a QR code.

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