TICKET (by E. Bethsy): “The league is lying to us, it’s ugly”

While no one knows when we will get rid of the corona virus, the Professional Football League tells us about the end of the championship in late June or mid-July. Has the procedure lost its head? Unless Mediapro is behind everything? In any case, communication is more than cumbersome.

Didier Quillot and Nathalie Boy de la Tour hope to end the season in mid-July at the latest?

Eric Bethsy’s mood contribution

Good news at last! Yes, the Professional Football League has The primary goal is to end the season by June 30, 2020 or possibly July 15 at the latest. It is written in black and white in the press release that was released on Monday evening. But wait, does that mean that this part of the corona virus will go away soon and that the government will panic for little?

The situation was critical because of listening to President Emmanuel Macron. We even received a new exit certificate without the box that is intended for travel to stadiums. And for good reason we are not close to seeing football in France again! The league dangles us very optimistic dates, so as not to go crazy when nobody says, and I insist on the word nobody knows when it will all be over.

Football in France is not for the time being

Even China, whose epidemic peak is at the beginning of February, has not yet restarted its championship. And we are not there yet! The Minister of Health rather speaks of extending the detention by at least one month. If the country thinks about this measure, it is a sign that time is not optimism, is it? So explain to me how the league can openly imagine such a positive scenario. Have you seen Thomas Monconduits’ anger (see here)? Aminois is afraid for his health – we can understand it – and does not want to hear about recovery, not even behind closed doors. Suffice it to say that he is certainly not the only one.

I am surprised that the announcement of the LFP is not as responsive as one. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t come from France’s best president, Jean-Michel Aulas … No, but seriously, ending the season in mid-July would mean a return to the game without taking physical preparation into account in early June. This would leave approximately six weeks to play the last 10 days and the two national cup finals while all other championships match. And not to mention the European competitions, the return format of which remains current for the time being.

Mediapro, the reason for this message?

You don’t have to be a mathematician to understand that teams like Dijon, Amiens or Toulouse have to play with injured players every three or four days. Are you also having a hard time standing in front of Multi Ligue 1 and the fiery analyzes by Elie Baup? Well it will be worse! But a, the French authority doesn’t care. It is believed that his communication is only to calm Mediapro. You know, this Spanish pigeon that overpaid the rights of the L1. And that it is necessary to stroke towards the pen at all costs to avoid that he doesn’t cancel his contract before the start of the next season.

After all, you can understand the quillot band. However, due to Mediapro, it is the group that managed to lose Serie A rights before it even aired a minute of play due to insufficient financial guarantees. Well, there is something to panic about. Large sums are at stake if the clubs play their survival. But in this crisis context, it’s ugly to lie to soccer fans for a communication call.

And what do you think of this press release and the primary objective of the LFP? Do not hesitate to react and debate in the region add comment

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