The strangest moments of NFL Draft, from Bo Jackson to John Wayne

The Buccaneers selected Auburn, who returned Bo Jackson in 1986 with the first full selection, and offered him a five-year, $ 7.6 million contract … which he refused, just like he told Tampa, to do. Instead, Jackson accepted a three-year contract for $ 1.067 million with MLB’s Kansas City Royals.

Jackson had grown up with Buc’s owner Hugh Culverhouse, who invited the return to fly to the owner’s plane to Tampa. When Jackson returned to Auburn, he found that the visit cost him NCAA eligibility for the baseball season.

“I was (already) thinking about not going to Tampa Bay,” Jackson said in the ESPN film, “You don’t know Bo.” “This – because the Tampa Bay officials told me personally,” Yes, we checked it. The NCAA) said it was fine. ‘- I think it was all a conspiracy to exclude myself from baseball because they saw the season I had and they thought they would lose me to baseball. (They thought) “If we declare him ineligible, we will get it.”

“I said to Hugh Culverhouse,” You draw me if you want, you’ll waste a draft. “I said,” I promise you. “

While playing for the Royals, Jackson re-entered the draft the following year and was selected by the Raiders in round seven.

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