The LFP calls for the unity of French football

The Professional Football League met urgently on Monday. It must be said that the presidents of the major Ligue 1 clubs (Aulas, Eyraud and Al-Khelaïfin alongside Le Graët and Claude Michy, the president of Clermont and the Union of Professional Clubs) set up a crisis committee last Friday not everyone liked it. Some see it as an attempt by the coup to advocate its solution to the resumption of the national championships.

The office of the Board of Directors of the LFP therefore responded this afternoon with a meeting to discuss topics such as the resumption of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, but also the current economic situation of certain clubs in France and the consequences for the DNCG and the opening of one Dialogue with the UNFP, the association of professional actors. Finally, the press release reminded that only the LFP office can ensure all future considerations and measures. A message that is addressed directly to the “mutineers”. It is time for unity.

LFP press release:

The office of the LFP Board of Directors met on Monday, March 23, on the phone and examined the sporting and economic consequences of the health crisis. In the face of an unprecedented situation, French professional football has clearly shown its unity and solidarity.

This very constructive and productive working meeting was exceptionally extended to the presidents and vice-presidents of the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 colleges and in the presence of the President of the FFF and made it possible to examine the major challenges of professional football.

First, the bureau worked on the various hypotheses to restore business. The Bureau unanimously reaffirmed the primary goal of ending the season by June 30, 2020, or possibly July 15. The office will also support all government initiatives that enable high-performance athletes to retrain as quickly as possible.

Second, the meeting focused on consolidating the clubs’ short-term cash flow needs. In order to assess the financial needs of French professional football, the financial services of the LFP and DNCG will centralize and consolidate the needs of the clubs. In this context, the Office welcomes today’s government announcements to help businesses.

The Bureau also hopes that the discussions will begin to take a common position on social dialogue between the clubs and the UNFP, which represents the players.

In terms of methodology, the LFP office will be the steering committee for all measures and considerations that professional football is taking to tackle this crisis. Three working groups are required for this:

Recovery plans and scenarios

Short-term cash and financing

Social dialogue

In a time of general mobilization, the LFP office is asking all players in the professional football ecosystem, clubs, players, coaches and broadcasters, to show their unity and solidarity in order to survive this unprecedented crisis.

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