Liverpool: Joël Matip’s funny anecdote about Messi after Anfield’s escalation

With the suspension of the championships and detention, Joël Matip had time to give an interview to the German media 11 friends. The Liverpool central defender reported a funny anecdote from the legendary evening in Anfield last May when the Red Barça returned 4-0 in the Champions League semi-finals. After the celebrations between the players and the supporters, the Cameroonian international had to pass an anti-doping test. There he was faced with a shot by Lionel Messi and was also drawn by lot.

“When I entered the room to do the doping control, there was a boy who was completely depressed. It was messi. You know the other players by playing against them, but it’s not like sitting next to each other in a small room. Everyone celebrated and I sat there with Messi in a hut. “” A scene that we imagine to be funny.

Megan Thompson

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