Dani Alves was not born to stand on the mediocre side

During this period of detention, Brazilian defender Dani Alves, who brilliantly kicked the ball in Sao Paulo at the age of 36, gave an interview to young Raiam Santos, recalling some good memories of his rich career. If you have 40 main titles on your list, you have not failed to deliver some punchy punch lines.

For example, the former FC Barcelona team said: “I wasn’t born to be on the mediocre side, my brother, but unfortunately that’s my reality. I don’t want mediocrity on my side because it makes me mediocre, so I don’t argue with anyone.”. But also: “If someone tells me to do a somersault, I give them three. I give them more. The benefits have to be greater than expected. You cannot create an expectation that you will not meet later. I generate an expectation that I will can react “. Idolo.

Megan Thompson

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