Barça: not happy, lack of consideration … The ex-consultant from Griezmann creates a report without …

Eric Olhats, a former advisor to Antoine Griezmann, has defended the attacker that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed and hasn’t recognized its fair value since arriving at Barcelona last summer.

Mayonnaise is hard to bear between Griezmann and Bara …

Even in the middle of the confines, at the European Championship at a standstill, no break for Antoine Griezmann (29 years)! In addition to speculation from the Catalan press about his future, the FC Barcelona striker saw his former advisor Eric Olhats explain his situation at Blaugrana.

Like many observers, Olhats feels that his ex-protégé is far from breathing life after arriving in Catalonia. In the shadow of Lionel Messi, to whom his technical relationship remains limited, the 2018 world champion barely withdraws from the game on the field on which he often appears in isolation.

Olhats defends Griezmann

We see that he has problems and is not happy, the recruiter slipped this Wednesday at the daily Mundo Deportivo. Many relatives told him that he would adapt well to the game of Bara (…), but I don’t like his performance. (…) It seems that he doesn’t get as many passports from the others. For his talent and attitude, he deserves a little more consideration.

We remember that Olhats, an employee of Atletico Madrid, where Griezmann had a cold last summer, had trouble digesting his transfer to Bara and that he is not necessarily the most objective one to speak of the situation of the tricolor in Catalonia. It doesn’t stop his analysis from sounding right. Whether on the axis or on the left, on the orders of Ernesto Valverde or Quique Setin, the native Mcon is struggling to find his place in a Blaugrana collective, which is anything but extravagant season.

The rumor of a denied departure

For his part, Griezmann remains on the ball. Yes, it’s been seven months since I got here in Barcelona, ​​so we had time to process everyone’s movements every day, and I keep saying it, but it’s getting better and better. We take advantage of the fact that we can all work together and I am sure that this will improvedramatized the former Real Sociedad last month regarding its technical relationship with Messi.

While Setin regularly praises his defensive efforts and respect for instructions, which limits his number of balloons affected, the end-of-season hypothesis was recently mentioned by the Catalan press before Mundo Deportivo contested this. Information. Still, everyone agrees that it is better to deal with a player who was recruited last summer for 120 million euros …

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