This worm could be the ancestor of modern animals

No bigger than a grain of rice! This is the size ofIkaria wariootia, a new organism launched by a team of American and Australian researchers. In a study published in PNASpursue the discovery ofone of the oldest identified Bilaterians. It could be the last ancestor of all bilateral, a group of organisms, including most modern animals. “” Evolutionary biologists have predicted this “” excited Mary Droser, co-author of the study.

As a matter of fact, Ikaria wariootia seems to be accumulating promising criteria. It would connect that Ediacaran wildlife, where the oldest known complex multicellular organisms come together, and the Cambrian because during the Ediacaran the transition between simple microscopic forms and complex animal life took place. Most of them, however Fossils those from this period do not have the basic features of modern animals, such as the anterior-posterior differentiation: the head is not confused with the buttocks.

The two to seven millimeter long creature has this distinction in addition to the left-right symmetry (called “bilateral”) that characterizes the Bilaterians. Signs that he was feeding matter Bio suggest that his mouth and his anus were connected by a Intestine.

And a last criterion suggests thisIkaria wariootia could be the ancestor of the animal kingdom: its rudimentary sense faculties. He had buried himself in thin layers sand containing oxygen at the bottom of the ocean looking for organic matter. This is not accidental, but rather primitive sense organs.

The organism, which was scanned in 3D from petrified traces, seems to meet all criteria to be the ancestor of modern animals. Whose man. “” After getting the 3D scans, we knew we had made an important discovery Ecstatic Scott Evans, co-author of the study.

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