The interstellar comet Borisov fragmented

Much has been said about the interstellar comet Borisov since its discovery in 2019. Today she returns to the top of the stage before pulling her bow. Astronomers actually believe that it is on the verge of decay.

The interstellar comet Borisov was first observed in late August 2019 – though Astronomers Then she found pictures from 2018. Last December she went to her Perihelion, understand at the point of its trajectory that is closest to ours Sun. Since then she had taken over the management of our borders Solar system. However, researchers from the University of Kraków (Poland) continue to follow him. And they recently noticed two increases in him brightness.

In a Note published on March 12, 2020report it “A. Overall increase in brightness about 0.7 size between March 4th and 9th “. The result appears to be two comet explosions. “This behavior strongly suggests continuous core fragmentation.”Note the researchers.

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However, the phenomenon is not really surprising to astronomers. The analyzes they were able to perform classified them comet interstellar Borisov in the category of long-lived comets. However, it is known that comets of this type decay up to ten times more often than comets whose Orbital period does not exceed 200 years. The likely reason: a resistance weaker structure due to their transition to being tested Closeness to the sun or in this case others Stars.

And finally, this progressive dissolution brings new information to astronomers about the chemical composition of the heart of the interstellar comet Borisov. An opportunity to determine how similar or different this object is to those from our solar system. You can even find out if the ingredients are necessaryEmergence of life are in the Milky Way.

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