SVT: 6 large scientific figures

Important personalities and often pioneers of science, the personalities that we introduce to you here, have helped to uncover the veil of many scientific secrets. Six shows from “The Scientific Method” to learn more about her life and work.

In the context of Operation Learning NationIn cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Youth, each program presentation will be followed by a clarification of the level of education to which it can refer. This does not prevent the most curious from taking an ear …

1. Darwin: an evolving theory (59 minutes)

At a time when creationism is surprisingly returning to public debate, especially across the Atlantic, it is necessary to return to the source of the theory of evolution. If Charles Darwin was the origin of the greatest conceptual change in the understanding of the structure of living beings a century and a half ago, his theory has not ceased to be confirmed and clarified ever since.

On the program for the scientific courses Cycle 4, Seconde and Terminale.

2nd Rosalind Franklin, 2-strand Nobel Prize (58 minutes)

Rosalind Franklin is the physicist who first understood the double helix structure of DNA in the 1950s before her research was plundered and assigned to men. Under what circumstances was she excluded from her discovery?

On the curriculum of the classes in the scientific courses of the second and first.

3rd Gilles Ramstein, back to the climate (58 minutes)

Have we reached the climatic point of no return today? According to climatologist Gilles Ramstein, it is important to understand the entire climate history of our planet from its origins in order to better understand current climate drifts.

On the program for cycle 4 classes and scientific courses in terminals.

4th Francis Hallé, the man who dreamed of trees (58 minutes)

This passionate defender of the flora, explorer, biologist with innovative methods, this man of the forest, has a deep taste for the slowness of botanical description and drawing. As if it were a science to pay homage to time … Back on the journey and career of the botanist Francis Hallé.

On the program of classes in the scientific currents of First and Final.

5. Eric Karsenti, at the end of life (58 minutes)

This specialist in molecular biology and microtubules – these fibers that drive the DNA strands during mitosis – is amazed at the sources of life. Back on the journey of Eric Karsenti and his first discoveries in the heart of the cell.

On the program of classes in the scientific currents of First and Final.

6. Marc Jeanson, inventor of plants (57 minutes)

What is a botanist today? “”I’m an inventor of plants, at least that’s what I would have called my job in the 18th century. Nevertheless, I belong to the century of speed and aircraft.“explains Marc Jeanson.

A little further from the programs, this program can be an opening for courses in the scientific fields of Première.

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