Should Nikola Tesla be rehabilitated?

If you believe the biographies dedicated to him, he was “the man who enlightened the world”, even “the man who invented the 20th century”. He is the inventor of alternating current, modern electricity, certainly the first radio waves, the concept of remote control and, in a way, even the idea of ​​WLAN and directed energy weapons. As a mad scientist suffering from OCD, a chronic sleepless, a profound humanist, he ended his ruined and miserable life in a hotel room in New York. In short, Nikola TESLA has all the cursed scientists and a real Shakespeare fate.

Why should Nikola Tesla be rehabilitated? This is the problem that the scientific method will deal with in the next hour.

And to run this rehabilitation company, The Scientific Method is pleased to welcome this Ilarion Pavel, senior mining engineer, researcher at the theoretical physics laboratory of the École Normale Supérieure and Gerard BorvonAs a physics teacher, you have published “The History of Electricity from Amber to Electron” by Vuibert.

“The man who enlightened the world”, “The man who invented the 20th century”, aren’t we going too far in the opposite direction, as is so often the case in rehabilitation companies? Or is Nikola Tesla really a genius of this stature, forgotten for too long?

  • Interview with Richard Marazano, screenwriter of the comic “The Three Spirits of Tesla”:

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