Netflix Party, the app that brings friends together during childbirth

Netflix’s online SVDO service has created an extension for Google Chrome. You can synchronize the distribution of the same content to watch and comment on movies with friends. Practice in these times of tightness!

Collective concerts about the Balconies Buildings, tele-aperitifs about the social media… With the delivery instructions, ideas come together to share moments of conviviality from afar. In that sense it is NetflixOne of the service champions of Streaming Video offers a new free tool that allows multiple remote users to watch the same program in sync. Unfortunately, there is no question of using this service directly from one Smartphone or a Connected television.

You absolutely must use an extension that only works from Browser Google Chrome and therefore only on one computer. This extension is available on the Chrome Web Store Where about the page created for the occasion. The extension that door The letters NP are added at the top of the browser. To share the content, each participant must be subscribed Netflix.

A cat is also available

To use Netflix Party, all restricted users must log in to their Netflix accounts and agree to select a film, series, or documentary to watch. It is also necessary that everyone has the extension installed. One of the participants starts the film and then clicks onsymbol of the extension from Netflix Party. Then it turns red. A message will ask if you want to create a Netflix party.

At this point it is then possible for a user to maintain full control over reading or to leave it open to everyone. There are only two steps left: Check the start of this Netflix party and copy a link that we will send to the participants.

Once everyone is ready Netflix synchronizes reading across all accounts so that all viewers see the same thing at the same time. Netflix Party also has an instant chat feature on the side of the screen. In the end, Netflix just reinvented it broadcast of TV programs, but this time in a collaborative way.

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