Containment: Waze now prevents police controls from being reported

In Belgium and France, Waze decided during the detention period to deactivate the function that enables motorists to be alerted to the existence of a police and gendarme control. This function is prohibited in Germany and Switzerland.

France is “at war” against it Corona virus and that the nation is asking the national union to Containment, the Applications have decided to set a good example. So, Waze has deactivated the function that signals the presence of a police control. In cooperation, this application uses the data of its users to draw attention to a slowdown. A. accident, a deviation and thus a police or gendarmerie control.

A last function, which obviously does not go in the direction of the current recommendations and is contacted by LCI, the spokesman for Waze shows, that ” The function of signaling the presence of the police has been completely removed this weekend. “. It is therefore impossible to warn other drivers of the presence of the authorities, and Waze even takes the opportunity to display a warning message. ” Only drive if absolutely necessary. In this case, take your derogatory travel certificate with you. “”

In Belgium too

This type of measure is also used in Belgium, and this also applies to plants coyote and TomTom, and it’s at the request of the federal police. After this RTBFThe authorities contacted the editors of navigation systems and asked them to deactivate the function that avoids police controls. Like Waze in France, Coyote displays a message: ” Info mobility federal government = limited travel. Follow these instructions “”

This is easier in Germany and Switzerland, since the alarm functions of Waze and Coyote have been banned for a month. In Italy, Waze had been very helpful at the beginning of the containment to indicate that the roads were closed so that the lanes could be left to the emergency and essential services. As for Google MapsThere is no way to report a speed camera or police control, and this feature will soon be banned in France because a modification was voted on in June 2019 and his application should enter into force in 2020.

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