Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo advise quarantined couples to set a schedule and separate the room

Quarantining your significant other can be a challenge, but newlyweds Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo from Bachelor Nation have advice to make it work!

With your S.O. For days without a moment alone can not only be annoying, but also unhealthy for every relationship! The favorite couple of Bachelor Nation during this long period of isolation Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo told HollywoodLife.com her advice on how to get things going and set limits in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “We got together and started making lists like to-do lists,” Bryan said. “It will look like this:” Hey, how is your day tomorrow? “” Well, I have this, this and that. “I say,” I have a few customers. “So we’re going to try to take some time off during our breaks or something, I think that’s just great communication. We definitely separated from time to time. I think it’s great to give each other space and then Coming together to have a little more attachment experience is also great. ”

Rachel added: “I would say it is important for couples to realize that they don’t all have to be with each other, because if we weren’t in this quarantine time, he would do his thing and I would do mine, so we try to work. “The former Bachelorette advised couples to try to plan their day with each other and set up a schedule before going to bed so that they not only know what to do but also feel motivated. “I think it’s important to separate the room, do your own thing and then get together. But then it’s cool because I can walk past it and say,” Oh my god, you just saw it what happened on the news? “and then retire to my little area!”

Bryan and Rachel have also been training together at home since Bryan’s gym closed. The Dr. Abs founder has several eBooks and his fitness platform that he and Rachel follow at home, and they have started sharing them with fans. “We wanted to do something cool for the fans. Let’s do some fun vibes. Let’s do some ab routines. Maybe you focus on a different part of your body every day and publish it online, ”Bryan said. “Just pretty much give it to the community.”

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