Melissa Gorga publishes pictures of swimsuits that are 10 years apart and make no difference!

Melissa Gorga used social media to share two images side by side that she was showing swinging swimsuits now and a decade ago! Nevertheless, her followers quickly realized that the star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey hadn’t changed a bit!

In fact, she looks hotter and prettier now!

That’s right! The relapse photo is from when she was 30 while the second is younger!

As you know, the star only turned 41 a few days ago on March 21, so she just had to face a small 10-year challenge and show the world that she still has it!

Not only that, but she actually showed her bikini body twice on this special day so that she felt obvious after celebrating the milestone.

In the end, however, she tried to inspire her female followers and encourage them not to be afraid of aging.

“Okay, ladies. Another year is just around the corner. You shouldn’t worry about another decade. As you get older, you all get better, especially inside out. Have no fear! Embrace it, ”she wrote next to the pictures.

Shortly thereafter, Dina Manzo, former RHONJ star and friend of Melissa, joked about her caption and wrote in the comment section: “Gurlllll enjoy it because it literally falls apart overnight in about 5 years, lol.”

The celebrity has wanted to speak from experience since she was 48 years old.

However, many others who flooded the post with compliments were much more positive and optimistic.

Here are some of their reactions: “You look younger and hotter at 40 !!” / “Oh my god, you like good wine, it gets better over time.” GO FROM MELISSA! “

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