Lucifer season 5: labyrinth in front of Eve and new relationship with Amenadiel this year?

While everyone is already wondering about the possibility of Lucifer being renewed for a sixth season of Netflix, Lesley-Ann Brandt – the interpreter of Mazikeen (labyrinth for friends) – used an interview with ET to talk about season 5 that took place in the should land on the SVOD platform in the coming weeks.

Maze in front of Eve

And without much surprise Maze will suffer in the first episodes from the consequences of his big break with Eve last season: “It is a bit rejected. She is heartbroken, we were all there and she makes up for it with work“In fact, she’ll be very close to another heroine:”We will often see her with Chloe because their stories answer each other.“”

Don’t think, however, that this story with Eva is over. The actress reminded him: “You all know Eva will finally come back and there will be a lot of drama“And if Lesley-Ann Brandt didn’t want to say more about it, she teased it anyway:”She has to face her ex. In the end, she will make a decision that is best for her and that will allow her to move forward. “

New relationship with Amenadiel?

But that’s not all. In this fifth season, Maze will also move closer to Amenadiel. What can you expect when they get back together? And why not … “There are excellent scenes with D. B. Woodside and I think the intrigue with Amenadiel will never make you sure of what will happen between them. do they reflect together or are they just friends?“”

Just be sure, your duo will offer us beautiful moments on the screen. Just like his story with Eva, Maze will use the upcoming episodes to develop this relationship: “You have the angel and the demon, whose base is said to be on opposite sides. But these two characters have to explore their humanity and you can see a new relationship blossoming between them and it’s really nice.“We don’t really understand everything, but we can’t wait.

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