Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man) rejects the containment, a former LOST co-star calls her on Instagram

A real controversy! Yes, the Meltynauten, while the whole world is facing an unprecedented health crisis, the actress Paul Rudd answers Ant man made comments that particularly displeased his followers. While Evangeline Lilly aroused the anger of internet users by rejecting the restriction imposed by the corona virus, a former co-star of Lost decided to challenge him on Twitter. So, Maggie GraceShannon Rutherford’s facial features on the television show left her a long message to persuade her to stay home and protect others : “Hello, I read your message before you changed it and found it disturbing. There is no need to panic, but at the same time it is about thinking about all of us – vulnerable people, immunodeficient people, the elderly.” It continues in these terms:

Maggie Grace called Evangeline Lilly on Twitter
Maggie Grace called Evangeline Lilly on Twitter

“Of course we are in a free country, but why not use this great freedom to have compassion, to trust science and not to saturate the health system? No doctor should have to choose a patient will be able to do an artificial one Getting a ventilator and what patient is being sent home to die – this is the sort that is currently tragically occurring in Italy, so please think about how these small decisions affect your father and yours Church out as the ventilators are running low and you are exerting your influence on such a large group of people. I tell you with extreme humility, think about it again, please. Your children will be fine, even if they will not do gymnastics , I promise you. Be healthy. “ Hopefully, this message allows the actress to question herself. In the meantime, Sophie Turner has badly attacked Evangeline Lilly, who refuses to restrict herself.

Keep in mind that staying at home is important to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible. For all information and questions related to the corona virus, please visit the government’s official website.

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