Enora Malagré, imprisoned with her boyfriend, reveals her “reason for discord” (EXCLUDED)

Although at the beginning of the first measures against which she had initially expressed her misunderstanding and frustration Corona virusNow she plays the game thoroughly! Enora Malagré, confined to her home “In the suburbs“Parisian, answered questions from Purepeople.com. Together with her darling, she hopes that the length of the detention won’t burden her couple.

From home the former star columnist of Don’t touch my extension was filmed in fashion Selfie to share a little bit of his daily life. And, first observation, Enora Despite had fun with a certain detail … “This is the problem of childbirth: the bed doesn’t do what. This is the reason for discord with my husband! The guy doesn’t make the bed !!!“she said with humor. And the pretty 39-year-old blonde added:”Curb if you’re in a relationship, I don’t know … It’s going well right now. We’re more used to sticking together. So I don’t think we should kill each other. See you in a month!“”

Enora Malagré, who would normally go to the provinces with the show The lady of Maxim, then detailed how she spends her days. On the program? Lots of music – she talks about vinyl on her Instagram in the evening – reads and even draws as if she suddenly had “4½ years“Above all, however, she continues her professional activity.”I had to start a television channel on digital subscription. So we’re working on it because we’ll be offering it for free sooner than expected. (…) There will be many documentaries to see many new things“she promised and added that with Netflix”We go in circles“.

During work, Enora Malagré does not hesitate to nibble on some sweets. “itches“Her sweet little sin, she who bought a lot of packages while doing her shopping!

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