Dirty John Season 2 Trailer teases the story of one of the most chaotic divorces in American history

The crime thriller anthology series Filthy John – which premiered on Bravo in 2018 – is now moving into the US network with a completely new story. In the second season, the series focuses on Dan and Betty Broderick, whose breakup was so evil that Oprah Winfrey described them as one of the “most chaotic divorces in America”.

Dirty John: The Betty Broderick story Stars Christian Slater and Amanda Peet are the notorious California couple whose divorce ended in a double murder. The series will tell the story of how the relationship of an apparently perfect couple who were married for 16 years and shared four children ended in tragedy.

The story begins in the early days of the relationship – which began in the 1960s – and will include Betty Broderick’s marriage in 1969, her divorce in 1986, and the circumstances surrounding the murder of Dan Broderick and his second wife Linda in 1989 Committed.

“I wanted a husband and a family. Dan needed a woman to wait for him, ”says Peet, as Betty says in the second season trailer. “I would have been treated better if I had been a dog and served my master. I am amazed that only one bullet was needed to kill Dan Broderick.”

Later in the trailer, Betty says that after 16 years of marriage, her husband turned 40 and left the house with a 19-year-old and a sports car. She adds that Dan had sent her to a psychiatric hospital.

“I’m not the craziest – he is,” says Betty.

According to People The real Betty Broderick was 41 when she shot her ex-husband and new wife. She never denied that she murdered the couple, but in her defense, she claimed that the killings were the result of years of physical and mental abuse that she said had suffered from Dan.

Betty Broderick was convicted of two second-degree murders and sentenced to 32 years in prison. She is currently serving her sentence at the California women’s institution in Chino, California.

In 2010, her parole application was refused because she did not acknowledge wrongdoing and showed no remorse. She was rejected again in 2011 and 2017 and can only be released on parole in 2032.

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