Amel Bent has shown impressive weight loss since the beginning of containment

If some people have tended to overeat since giving birth, this is not the case with Amel Bent, who has lost a lot of weight …

Eating is undoubtedly one of the most popular activities imprisoned people. As a matter of fact, the little desire are common and many succumb when you call the refrigerator. An evil that Amel Bent doesn’t seem to like.

After Philippe Lacheau or Alessandra Sublet, Jarry decided to interview the singer. The latter was indeed the guest of the Jarry Show the Wednesday March 25, 2020. The opportunity for the young mother to discuss his daily life since birth. And the least we can say is that she did it a most surprising revelation.

Yes, Amel Bent admitted to having it lost weight since the beginning of containment. And it’s pretty impressive since she lost at the moment. 7 kg ! Amused by this observation, she specifies:

I come from the containment, I will take part in the Victoria Secret parades!

Amel Bent reveals her secret to losing weight

But what is her slim secret ? The trainer of The voice admits cooking “very simple stuff” with “small starchy foods”.

And to specify:

It’s much healthier to eat lots of vegetables and fruits and to use the time to cook.

Excellent advice to follow. Fans of The voice will be able to discover her slim figure in live broadcasts … But for that we have to wait for the end of the detention.

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