10 simple cocktail recipes that you can prepare at home for your next virtual happy hour

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Although I love trying new bars and cocktails from restaurants, I’ve found that at the end of the day I’m my best bartender. I know I’m not technically trained or anything, but most cocktails don’t indeed Take so much experience with you – especially if you have the instructions in front of you. In fact, there are so many delicious looking and simple cocktail recipes that I may never have to go to a bar again! My living room is more comfortable and has more seating, so it was really just a matter of time.

If you’re your own bartender, you’ll never be charged $ 15 for a cocktail, the fonts are as heavy as you want, and it’s quiet enough to hear yourself think. Call me a homebody, but that sounds pretty damn good to me. In addition, so many cocktails are ridiculously easy to prepare and require only a few ingredients. If you keep classic liqueurs and wines in-house, you may not even need to take a trip to the store. These cocktail recipes could be the answer to every introvert’s prayers.

From light and fruity cocktails that are perfect for a lunchtime drink (it is 5 o’clock somewhere!) To spicy and bittersweet cocktails that make you feel bougie and sultry at the same timeThese simple cocktail recipes are meant to make your life a little less stressful and a little less stressful juicy. Get your favorite liqueurs and fruits like blood oranges, lemons and limes, and you can make your own cocktails all year round. Bottom up!

1.Lemon gimlets

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Meyer Lemon Gimlets

Cooking with Paula Deen.

This light and refreshing lemon-gimlet cocktail is perfect for anyone who loves the combination of citrus and gin. In addition, only four ingredients are required – one of which is literally just water. It’s that easy.

2. Pink grapefruit mimosa

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Grapefruit mimosa

The gourmet gourmet.

Whether you want a cocktail with your homemade Sunday brunch or just have a soft spot for sparkling wine, you will definitely like this pink grapefruit mimosa. And if you feel particularly comfortable, swap sparkling wine for Drake’s new Mod Sélection champagne. (He’s the champagne dad, after all.)

3. Bee knee cocktail

4 Bee Knees Cocktail 10 simple cocktail recipes that you can make at home for your next virtual happy hour

Leites Culinaria.

This colorful and light cocktail with bee knees, which uses only gin, lemon juice and homemade honey syrup, is an ideal homemade happy hour pleasure.

4. The Blood & Bourbon (blood orange cocktail)

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Blood orange bourbon

Gastronomic blog.

This blood orange cocktail is the perfect combination of sweet and sour – and just five ingredients you probably already have in your home.

5. Cucumber vodka soda

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Cucumber vodka soda

How sweet eats.

You will never see normal vodka lemonades again after trying a cucumber vodka lemonade. This recipe calls for homemade cucumber juice, but a cucumber-flavored vodka would make the cocktail even easier close. Less time to juice and more time to drink, am I right?

6. Sweet tea cocktail

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes sweet tea cocktail

Leites Culinaria.

Call to all Southerners: Now is your time. This sweet tea cocktail is exactly the kind of drink you want when you sit on the veranda and watch the sunset.

7. Cranberry Splash

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Cranberry low carb cocktail

DINE magazine.

This cranberry splash cocktail is incredibly easy to prepare – and perfect for those who don’t have much (or no) alcohol in the house. This recipe uses only white wine, cranberry juice and peaches and is difficult to confuse.

8. Honey & Rauch Mezcal Cocktail

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Honey and Smoke Mezcal Cocktail

By Gabriella.

This honey-smoke-mezcal cocktail is basically the delicious combination of margarita and Moscow mule. Ginger beer and mezcal fans will love this cocktail recipe.

9. Blood Orange Boulevardier Cocktail

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes Blood orange Boulevardier

Striped spatula.

Filled with three (!!) different types of alcohol – including the legendary Campari liqueur – this blood orange Boulevardier cocktail is a spicy and bittersweet treat that you can easily prepare at home.

10. French kiss Margarita

STYLECASTER | Simple Cocktail Recipes French kiss margarita

Baker’s Royale.

According to my watch, it is margarita time and this “French Kiss” margarita recipe is exactly what we all need to recover from the day. (Or drink it in the middle of the day – I don’t judge.)

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