Waitrose limits the sale of toilet paper to two and introduces a special opening time for the elderly

Waitrose fights panic buying with buyers limited to three items from the same line to start online cooking classes

  • To counteract the stockpiling, the sale of Waitrose toilet paper is limited to two per person
  • Waitrose cannot sell more than three of the same item for one product
  • Retainer launches large local community funds and online courses for buyers

The John Lewis Partnership and Waitrose have implemented a number of measures to help older and vulnerable consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The department store chain will introduce “protected” shopping hours for older and vulnerable customers and today will launch a £ 1m Community Support Fund, which Waitrose will distribute to local communities.

To counter inventory, Waitrose is now also limiting the number of items buyers buy to a maximum of three, while toilet paper packs are limited to no more than two per person.

The food purchase limit excludes fresh fruits and vegetables as well as Easter sweets, beers, wines, cider and spirits.

Limits: To counteract the stacking of inventory, Waitrose now also limits the number of items that buyers buy to a maximum of three

The retailer also wants to be able to offer online courses for people who need to isolate themselves at home, from handicraft skills to advice for expectant mothers.

Sharon White, chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, said; ‘In this time of national crisis, the John Lewis partnership is wholeheartedly committed to helping customers, especially the elderly and the most vulnerable.

‘Our commitment to contribute to the good of the communities in which we operate has always been at the heart of our business.

‘The partners were excellent, supported each other and responded to the enormous demand at Waitrose. More than 2,100 John Lewis partners are helping and supporting deliveries this month in Waitrose stores. I am really grateful to everyone. ‘

From this Friday, older and vulnerable Waitrose buyers can enjoy a “prioritized and dedicated” hour of shopping when the store opens for the first time.

The group said Waitrose was also looking for ways to help vulnerable customers who need food to be delivered to their homes.

Coffee in Waitrose supermarkets was discontinued and the chain’s cafes and rotisserie counters were also closed.

According to the partnership, “this frees up additional hours for the partners to fill the shelves with groceries and essential items.” The supermarket said some Waitrose stores will also have to close early so employees can restock the shelves.

Partner Actions: All John Lewis Partnership employees now receive free meals at work

Partner Actions: All John Lewis Partnership employees now receive free meals at work

To avoid loneliness and boredom while isolating people, the retailer also wants to introduce online courses on topics like cooking and crafting, as well as advice for expectant mothers.

It says: “Expectant parents who are looking for important kindergarten advice, for example, could book an online session with a specialized kindergarten advisor to plan the most important things they need to think about before their baby arrives. Other services could include wellbeing advice; Handicraft and cooking courses offered by partners online or in one-on-one discussions. ‘

For its partners ‘long working hours to meet customers’ needs, the retailer is establishing a support fund to help employees facing additional costs due to the pandemic. From now on, employees will also receive free meals at work.

Retailers like the John Lewis Partnership are facing a difficult time as the pandemic rages and government buyers are instructed to stay away from others. A number of retailers such as Next and Superdry have already warned that their online and in-store sales will grow sharply as a result of the pandemic. At the same time, sales and supermarkets are booming, as is their stock price.

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