Tiger King star John Finlay gets new teeth: see Extreme Makeover – Before & After pictures

John Finlay, star of Netflix’s “Tiger King” breakout television series, debuted with his new teeth and looks completely unrecognizable!

The glow is real! John Finlay, which has been featured in the entire documentation everyone has been talking about lately Tiger King: Murder, Chaos & Insanityshocked everyone when he showed off his new pearlescent whites on social media. John, the ex-major major Joe Exoticwas always seen with little to no teeth during the series while she was interviewed shirtless. According to reports, all teeth were actually replaced in July 2019, and the new set consists of dentures. Regardless, the online world was shocked to see the before and after in one letter: “I was wondering if he had his teeth repaired. He looks good … for her it’s a shame that her teeth look like this, “interfered another,” Yasssss Qweeeeen! The chompers look good. “

Tiger King was the series that took over the Interwebs while millions of people remain at home in self-isolation due to the growing coronavirus pandemic. The focus was on the eccentric Joe and the big cat zoo that he owned in Oklahoma. The twists and turns that happened became more and more strange for the people watching it when it ended with a homicide rental plot initiated by Joe himself. It was released on Friday March 20 in the streaming service.

Joe’s love life on the show was downright interesting. John was just one of four unofficial husbands the breakout star has had over the years since 2001. He also had a hand in the world of politics. He also ran for president in 2016 and governor of Arkansas in 2018.

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Yasssss Qweeeeen !!! #tigerking look at them there #chompers looks good #johnfinlay drugs lose your teeth! This is meth up! #Teeth

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He also has a musical page that was featured in the Netflix document. Some of his music videos have been shown throughout, such as “I Saw a Tiger” and “Here Kitty Kitty”. Talk about compliance with the topic!

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