Princesses Eugénie and Béatrice, their lovely gesture to help the hospital staff

The princesses Eugénie and Béatrice do not want to stand idly as the British nation fights against the corona virus. They then decided to lend a hand to the hospital staff.

The UK is affected by the coronavirus pandemic. As the number of cases and deaths continues to increase, the UK government has finally decided to contain the population. Given the health crisis, The royal family intends to put their hands on their paw. This applies in particular to the princesses Eugénie and Béatrice.

The two young women decided to get involved by helping the hospital staff. The Queen’s granddaughters then secretly went to Hammersmith Hospital in West London. They thus delivered important products to nursessuch as groceries, housewares and toiletries. The princesses Eugénie and Béatrice were accompanied by their mother Sarah Ferguson. The latter also decided to work with a British brand to collect donations.

The royal family affected by the corona virus

Yesterday, Wednesday, March 25, Clarence House announced that Prince Charles had tested positive for the corona virus. The heir to the throne would have only slight symptoms. He would even continue to work from Balmoral Castle in Scotland, where he is incarcerated with his wife Camilla Bowles Parker.

For now No other member of the royal family appears to be affected by the Covid-19.

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