Prince Harry forbids seeing his sick father from Meghan Markle? The crazy revelations

The sad news has fallen. Prince Charles tested positive for coronavirus. Supported by his companion Camilla Parker-Bowles, the Duke of Cornwall therefore decided to isolate himself at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Information that worried the British people and their relatives. Starting with his son, Prince Harry, who now lives in Canada. But after revelations from one source Daily mailMeghan Markle would have officially prohibited her husband from returning to England with his sick father. The reason? Little Archie’s mother just wants to protect her husband and avoid contamination.

An anonymous source told the daily: “”Meghan under no circumstances does he want to travel now. Even when Harry is in constant contact with his father, the situation frustrates him. He and Meghan are both frustrated because they wish they could do a lot more to help. “ Despite the distance between them, “Harry said he would do his best to help his family out of Canada.” added the informant. After months of tension between clan members, these are reassuring statements. Elsewhere in the news, discover the gesture that proves that Meghan Markle has been finally expelled from the royal family.

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