Mathrix: The Youtube channel that helps you to concentrate on the Bac despite the restriction

Passing on the Bac is already stressful. There, between the reform of the new Bac, strikes, the epidemic of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and childbirth, the students of Terminale are panicked. For more than a week, while the schools are closed until further notice (Jean-Michel Blanquer spoke of a possible resumption on May 4th), the pupils have been continuing their classes remotely via a platform of the Cned (National Center)) . A system that is unfortunately not necessarily and not sufficient for everyone. Fortunately, thanks to certain YouTube channels such as Mathrix, which offer math courses for middle and high school students, they can complete and revise their revisions.

Math classes “special containment”

Every day at 4:00 p.m., for an average of 1.5 hours, students can participate in a “special limitation” of everyday life, in which the mathematics program and possibly the physics and chemistry of the terminal are resumed, as well as the first memories . Filipi, co-founder of Mathrix, told us that he had the idea “By searching the” too many resources “on the Internet. It’s easy to check the courses, exos, sheets … but the hardest part is knowing how to think. The idea of ​​life is able to be to step on the head of the “trainer” and see how he argues and how he goes from point a to point b “. Beyond academic support, it’s psychological support in this difficult time, as Filipi, co-founder of Mathrix, told us: “In addition to the free support for the courses, it is mainly moral support, especially at Mathrix we are used to accompanying our subscribers live during the Bac periods.”

The students were concerned about new trash cans and safety containers

During this special time, the students are concerned, as he could see: “A lot of students are worried, even if it’s not too much about the topic in life, I see it in the chat and in the MP.” Because of the continuous surveillance, which in his opinion “rarely an indication of a general level” since it varies depending on “the inequality in the assessment and level of demands of teachers”but also containment. From the beginning, the number of views and subscriptions has increased (currently 424,000): “Only a few days have passed, but the chain has already increased by 30%. The word has to keep turning.”he insists.

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