Jeremy Renner (Avengers Endgame) in conflict with Sonni Pacheco makes a radical request

A very sad thing! Remember that Jeremy Renner was accused of attempted murder by his ex-wife last October and the two former spouses waged a merciless war over custody of their daughter Ava. If a few months have passed since these serious allegations against the starAvengers endgameIn fact, Jeremy Renner pays his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco no less than $ 30,000 in support payments to support her daughter. However The amount of this payment would be far too high, according to the actor who asked for a review as stated in official documents by himself TMZ.

However, according to the actor, the current coronavirus crisis would have an impact on his income, and he could then no longer afford to pay his daughter’s mother such an amount: “It is likely that most of the productions will not resume before the end of the year. The projects that I had to film are likely to be canceled or postponed.” he said. In these documents, Jeremy Renner also reveals his suspicions of how Sonni is spending this money, and then asks for sole control over the funds in Ava’s account. Due to the change in his financial situation, The 49-year-old actor then asked to cut support payments from $ 30,000 to $ 11,000 a month. While you’re waiting to see if the judge responds positively to this request, here’s all the details about Avengers Endgame that you may have missed the first time.

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