Corona virus: The intervention of gendarmes in front of a supermarket customer causes a sensation!

Reassembled gendarmes were filmed when a customer left a supermarket during the coronavirus containment.

Containment associated with the corona virus has been in effect in France since March 17th. A week in which behavior changes little by little, but obviously not fast enough for the taste of the authorities. This enables us to see this sequence with the gendarmes.

The gendarmes and the gastro

We can see gendarmes facing a woman during a police check. The topic is intended to illustrate how the authorities deal with citizens who abuse “unnecessary” shopping, go to the supermarket for gimmicks and thus take risks.

In the humming sequence we can see that the woman arrested by the authorities only … Coca-Cola!

If you continue to have similar settings, you will be fined up to 135 euros for each excursion

threaten the gendarmes. If she then denies having a bad attitude, the contents of her shopping cart seem to be sufficient for the gendarmes.

Woman, look at what you buy … Are you planning a restaurant or what?

Buzz guaranteed! This woman would probably have done better to isolate herself with friends like others …

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