The advertising market, which will be driven by digital in 2019

This Wednesday, March 18, France Pub, Irep and Kantar unveil the BUMP, a uniform barometer for the advertising market, the vitality of which in 2019 essentially stems from the digital sector. A dynamic that benefits all media and especially the advertisement.

+ 13.4%. That’s the exceptional growth of digital media in 2019 compared to 2018, highlighted by the BUMP, a unified barometer of the advertising market, designed by France Pub, Irep and Kantar. Vitality that affects all channels, but especially ad (+ 16%), digital proprietary media (+ 14.5%) and to a lesser extent search (+ 9%) and email (+ 3%) … and thus the communications sector grew 1.5% to € 33.81 billion despite the decline in other media. It is also digital, which offers the media a turnover of more than 15 billion, i. H. + 2.6% compared to 2018, mainly on DOOH (+ 10.2%), even if TV, radio and Die Presse is not surpassed with a growth of 5.9%.

It has to be said that the Digital attracts more than 2 in 3 advertisersor 45,524 of a total of almost 66,000. The display and search podium encompassed the sales (17%), tourism (14%) and insurance banks sectors as well as the following advertisers: SFR, booking and Renault.

Dynamic of paid social

But especially after the bump, the paid social that arouses the desire of advertisers. Of the 69% of brands that advertise on digital levers, 28,523 (43%) do so on Facebook, of which 18,781 exclusively on the platform! Not surprisingly, the distribution (13% of Facebook Mobile) as well as advertisers, Netflix, McDonald’s, Free Telecom and SFR are particularly present on this channel.

Vitality from DOOH

Other dynamic media: Cinema that grew by 8.3% Thanks to the presence of only 336 advertisers (+, 3%), 100 million euros are to be achieved. Don’t forget the radio, which once again proves its vitality with a total turnover of 714 million euros and 3,218 advertisers (+ 1.7%). But it’s nothing compared to DOOH, which shows almost insolent health with growth of 20.5% in 2019and with that the OOH can generate advertising revenues of more than 1,300 million euros (+ 3.6%). Why? Because advertisers seem to be very loyal to this medium (almost one in four for at least 4 years) and this creation is very dynamic (2.5 times more advertising creations since 2015). Air France voted first for this medium, followed by SNCF, FDJ, FNAC and Walt Disney Studio.

As for the other media, TV contributions decreased slightly (-0.7%) in advertising revenue Despite growing volumes (+ 8% of advertising time and + 7% of the number of spots) and a stable number of advertisers (2,805) including 3.4 billion euros, many pure gamers (Amazon, Comme j’aime and Vinted, each with 29 %, 82% and 87% of their mix for television). A. mixed results also for the pressThis shows a slight decrease (-4.1%) despite the paging volume and an overall increasing number of advertisers and insertions.

Not surprisingly, the directories confirm their decline (-11.8%), as does the advertising mail (-7.5%), the printed mail without address (-5.2%).

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