PRS IN VIVO launches LAB, a series of tools for behavioral studies

The BVA Group’s subsidiary, PRS IN VIVO, announced on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, the launch of LAB, a range of tools for qualitative behavioral studies. This enables brands to use the principles of behavioral economics to strengthen their innovation processes.

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PRS IN VIVO, the BVA Group’s subsidiary specializing in customer and consumer experiences, announced the launch of LAB on December 29, 2020. A set of tools that brands can use to increase the efficiency of their innovation process and especially in product development, design and marketing. In the spirit of advice and partnership, the LAB tool is based on four pillars: immersion and inspiration, construction and iteration, support and optimization as well as forecasting and framing. As highlighted in a press release, Emlie Boutes Eberly, Chief Innovation Officer of PRS IN VIVO: “LAB was developed by combining behavioral skills and observation tools to get the most out of behavioral observation. With LAB, we approach what buyers and consumers perceive, understand and feel to support customers throughout their development cycle.”

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