Loyalty: Go beyond transactions and focus on engagement

Loyalty has become an important strategic issue for brands. A reality that applies to B2B just as much as it does to B2C players. And for a good reason! Acquiring new customers costs an average of seven times more than a loyalty policy.

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Illuminate this topic with our experts the agency Kiss The Bride.

By multiplying the customer interaction channels, the Phygitalization and increasingly informed and demanding consumers, brands can sometimes struggle to identify the most effective levers to build a lasting and profitable relationship of trust with their audience.

Because the context of the loyalty has developed profoundly, we must constantly try to reinvent the existing programs.

First priority: Consider the customer understand their expectations and aspirations to meet their needs, and know how to appreciate it and show him the interest we have in him. Since no brand can be satisfied with looking at their relationship with their customers on a single transaction level, all mechanisms to be implemented must relate to the creation of a high quality and lasting bond to generate one the obligation.

The question therefore remains unanswered. If no one else questions the fact of working on customer loyalty, which method (s) should be used, which strategy (s) should be used? Are there different approaches to designing B2B and B2C loyalty programs? And above all, how to run these programs, how to manage their effectiveness? So many questions for which Sandrine Druelle, director of the Kiss The Bride agency in Lille, and Mélanie Bouilhac, director of the Kiss The Bride agency in Lyon, share their respective visions of a successful loyalty project.

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