Jean-Marc Segati (great success): “Be pragmatic and keep communicating!”

Faced with the wave of cancellation of campaigns that weaken the media, Jean-Marc Segati, CEO of the Big Success agency, urges advertisers to take action by intensifying their communications without risking the sustainability of their brand Ask a Question.

What is your first assessment of this crisis? How do Big Success customers react?

Jean-Marc Segati: We had campaign postponements to September, but I personally think activities will resume before that. We can assume April is lost and May is very uncertain, but don’t hesitate organize to communicate from June. Because life goes on and with it consumption. There is no cynicism to consider that it is necessary to take advantage of the situation, on the contrary, it is almost a civic duty. Our ecosystem only survives through movement, which we have particularly noticed in the past few days. This applies to us and to our companies. To take action, you must first regain your calmness and use it of his brain. There is nothing worse than emotionally led thinking. It is likely that almost all activities will resume their course by summer. Not quite normal due to the number of victims and collateral damage, but they are being resumed. It’s always like this. In this case, the rest of the year will be crucial. Every month counts twice. There is therefore no reason to cancel the investments planned after May to June. On the contrary, the good Sinn encourages them to strengthen them. Remember that at the end of a severe crisis or war, reconstruction is necessary Relief leads to excess alcohol. The two together bring about an economic upswing that is proportional to the extent of the drama experienced. The “30 glorious” are a perfect illustration. Again, you don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict that the months after the crisis will be extremely beneficial for anyone who has been able to customize their offerings and communications.

How do you react to brands that fear to damage their image by continuing to communicate?

First of all, avoid hitting. There are two successive phases: amazement, then acceptance. As long as the astonishment is not over, you should beware of anything that could be equated to recovery. Such a perception is of course very negative for the brand image. Concrete, Communication in the graduation phase must correspond information, possibly with a little selfless entertainment. For proper advertising, you have to wait for the acceptance phase. This is a good thing: information is content-controlled and quick to produce, while advertising takes more preparation time to adapt to the circumstances.

Even if it only takes two weeks, the graduation phase requires quick communication, as all habits are turned upside down for every company the question arises: does it remain open? does it offer deliveries? Did she adjust her hours? Can you order your services online? Will the response time be slowed down? Are the prices changed? Are compensation granted? Are commercial gestures or even help considered? To be effective, this informative communication needs to be disseminated as soon as possible on all channels used by partners, suppliers, customers and potential customers (website, social networks, emails, POS, important media …). Otherwise, the deal is considered closed. and the saved orders are either canceled or entrusted to others.

Does this apply to all brands?

Given the current situation of the companies, we have to be pragmatic. Signs that have to close but still have the possibility to deliver their products must communicate via these services and must not leave people in the dark! It is not opportunistic, it is survival at this level in the short run and gaining experience in the long run. Then there are the national brands where you have the choice because they are sold by brands as well as in marketplaces. You may or may not be opportunistic, but I make it clear that you have to be. The media are being consumed in large numbers todayand face a massive withdrawal of advertisers that questions their economic model. The stores sell out and in parallel GRP has never been so powerfulyou have to take advantage! It also makes economic sense here. And it’s not just television: all indoor media are affected. The press can finally get the breath of fresh air it desperately needs when advertisers are ready to recognize their interest and buy pages of it … whatever the medium is However, be careful to customize the message if he has the slightest risk of being delayed, irrelevant or poorly perceived. All media are trying to address this major crisis by lowering their prices, providing space, offering personalized items, offering flexible solutions … And regardless of the crisis, there are many options. exploited.

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