During the rebranding, Feed cancels its campaign and helps the nursing staff

New brand platform, unprecedented recipes and packaging … On March 18, the start-up feed decided to keep its market launch and at the same time cancel its advertising investments, and is using this money to deliver free care to those committed against Covid. 19th

The French start-up feed, which specializes in freeze-dried complete meals, was to present a new brand platform, new recipes and new packaging on March 18, 2020. However, its founder, Anthony Bourbon, decided to cancel his advertising investment and make his products available free of charge to medical personnel who request them at the address [email protected] He explains why.

Why did you choose to keep going?

Anthony Bourbon: All teams, from communication to financing to the supply chain, were mobilized for almost a year at this launch. We are all organized in such a way that we have no old references in stock on March 18 and the new products are available on our website and in stores. It would have been difficult to postpone everything. We have only cut all of our advertising investments in both subway and television billboards and will communicate at this launch when the situation has calmed down. Given such an important crisis, which can last two weeks or two months, there is no point in postponing. You have to go back.

Why did you cut all your investments, including television?

AB: It would have been out of place if people were in a difficult and stressful situation. Some brands are already criticized on social networks. We’d rather not miss a launch than question our sustainability, so we can use that money to deliver meals for free. We will distribute 200,000 meals to organizations that requested them, namely to Paris hospitals, but also to many fire stations, medical associations, private clinics … This is probably the best way to do marketing right now : We present the product and show its practical usefulness. We bundle the teams that make themselves useful and we promote our values ​​among our customers. We took a lot of photos with the hospital staff and delivered the firefighters. We will have the opportunity to advertise them later on social networks. It’s also a great way to pay tribute to health workers and their mobilization. During the deliveries I realized that there was a real need with people who don’t even have the time to buy a sandwich.

Why did you do this relaunch and what is it made of?

AB: We have been very good operationally since we started in January 2017, but we may not have explained well enough why we started Feed. People struggled to understand the value of our full meals. so we have surveyed almost 10,000 customers a year ago. We asked them why they consume feed and what they want to improve our products. Hence a new brand platform, new recipes and new packaging. We have divided the sugar content of our products by 8 and only used natural products without added sugar. We have given up our legendary bottle for recycled paper bags. Our cardboard manufacturer is FSC certified, the cut trees are replanted and our printer is also green.

And can you tell us something about your new brand platform?

AB: We found that our users, like us, were not from a wealthy environment and wanted to prove themselves in a certain way. They consumed our products to save time and outperformed themselves through entrepreneurial, sporting and artistic activities … We wanted to play this card 100% for our brand platform, for example by replacing the usual photos of hazelnuts on our backpacks or bananas to create inspiring formulas like “Dare to success!” We know that we will still be sharing on social networks, but we have decided to achieve our core goal through authenticity. The split enabled us to be successful: the more we are criticized in social networks, the more we are known. Our awareness rate is 62% after three yearsIt is not nothing!

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