Renault MORPHOZ: electromobility from Renault

Renault’s new concept car: the Morphoz.

Renault presents the Morphoz. The new Concept car should be presented at Geneva 2020. With his morphoz, Renault gives us his vision of the car of the future.

An extraordinary car

The Renault Morphoz is a futuristic electric and autonomous car. The Renault grouphas designed a car sharing and modular vehicle thanks to this innovative concept car.

As the name suggests, Morphoz can therefore be transformed as needed. When he’s in City modeIt is 4.40 meters long and has a wheelbase of 2.73 meters.which corresponds to the distance between the front and rear wheel). It reaches 4.80 meters with a wheelbase of 2.93 meters when in Travel mode. By switching from city mode to travel mode, the user can not only increase the available space in the car (more space in the passenger compartment and more space in the trunk), but will also increase its autonomy. Indeed, the car carries 40 kWh of battery in city mode, travel mode allows adding 50 kWh of battery, so the whole thing reaches 90 kWh.

How does the transition from city mode to travel mode work?

The minimum capacity of Renault batteries for the Morphoz is 40 kWh, i.e. 134 HP enginewith which you a Distance of about 400 km. To switch to “Travel Extender” mode, the user of the vehicle must switch to a dedicated station to switch from city mode to travel mode. As a result, the battery power drops from 40 kWh to 90 kWh. The morphoz will thus be able to cover a Distance of about 700 km in its largest configuration, which corresponds to a 215 hp engine.


Presentation of the Renault Morphoz in travel mode.

If the owner wants to return to city mode, they will need to switch to a dedicated station again to remove the extra batteries and return to the 40 kWh batteries, which are better suited to urban and urban environments.

This concept car was supposed to see the light of day after 2025. It will therefore benefit from the future for its modular batteries Electrical modular platform CMF-EV the alliance.

Avant-garde aesthetics

 renault-morphoz-portieres antigonistes open

Renault Morphoz – anti-tank doors.

Even though this concept car is not marketable in the country, it offers a number of technological developments that are likely to be found in the brand’s future models.

The aesthetic lines of the body outside the hanging seats, which can move depending on the selected driving mode (city or travel), the front passenger seat that leans towards the front passenger, or the system fromnon-contact door openingWhen the anti-tank doors recognize the passenger and open automatically, predict what the diamond brand will do in their future models.

Autonomous driving

The Morphoz is equipped with that autonomous driving Level 3. This means that the driver can let go of the steering wheel and in certain defined cases and only in approved lanes (e.g. on motorways) can delegate driving to the vehicle. There are 5 levels of autonomous driving that are defined by SEA International. The regulations currently do not allow level 3 autonomous driving.

With this concept car, Renault is lifting the veil of its futuristic vision of a personal and shared family car that adapts to needs.

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