Porsche offers aid package for US dealers

ATLANTA – Porsche Cars North America is offering its 192 US dealers an aid package as the auto industry is affected by a slowdown in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.

The sports car manufacturer guarantees payouts, relaxes the dealers’ performance bonus targets and extends financing.

It resembles dealer-oriented plans from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and other automakers.

Porsche dealers are guaranteed their marketing and customer satisfaction bonus for the first half of the year, even if they do not meet the qualification goals.

To improve retailers’ bottom line, Porsche’s Floorplan Assistance Program will cover a “large part” of vehicle inventory costs for 60 days.

Dealers will receive an undisclosed fee until April 30 to cover the cost of shipping new vehicles home. The number of home deliveries is expected to increase when customers stay at home to avoid the corona virus.

Dealers can return unleased cars instead of keeping them for the Certified Pre-Owned program. The mandatory internal reporting requirements in areas such as warranty work have also been removed.

Porsche Financial Services also offers financial support to private customers.

PFS offers renewals of leases up to six months through April 30, four months longer than the regular renewal period.

The finance officer will also consider postponing the lease payment for 30 to 60 days on a case-by-case basis.

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