Chinese plants start when the rest of the world is shut down

Here are some automakers and other manufacturers in China with their startups:


Production at BMW’s Shenyang plants resumed on February 17 and the automaker said he was confident that the Chinese government would overcome the crisis and overcome the epidemic. “We remain confident in the medium and long-term business prospects of our world’s leading market,” the company said in an email response to questions.


Daimler reopened its plant in China and reopened the vast majority of its dealers.

Fiat Chrysler

The company announced that its manufacturing operations in China have resumed production with the approval of the relevant regional and national governments. More than 90 percent of the dealers and 95 percent of the employees of the joint venture with the Guangzhou Automobile Group are online again and “all production and commercial operations are gradually resuming,” said Fiat Chrysler.


The automaker said its Chinese plants would resume production on February 10 and would continue to grow. Both local joint ventures have recovered almost 100 percent, although some Hubei or Wuhan employees are still under travel restrictions.


Foxconn, an important manufacturing partner for global names from Apple to HP, keeps getting back on its feet. Foxconn’s Hon Hai Precision Industry announced this week that the seasonal lineup is full sooner than expected, suggesting the Taiwanese company is confident of addressing the labor shortage and logistical problems that are following the flow of iPhones and gadgets America and the rest of the United States threatened to suffocate.


The Japanese automaker said the capacity of its two Chinese companies is gradually recovering and they have not had any problems caused by the lack of parts due to the supply burden from outside China.

PSA Group

The joint venture of Peugeot and Citroen with Dongfeng Motor has resumed automotive production at its plant in Wuhan, China’s epicenter Corona virus Outbreak. The joint venture also builds cars from two other manufacturing facilities in Chengdu and Xiangyang.


All Nissan factories in China have resumed operations and production is expected to be in line with government mandates, the company said.


All SAIC Motor plants in China have resumed production, with the company adjusting the production level to meet demand. The automaker has contingency plans to secure parts in the event of malfunctions, it said.


Tesla’s China factory has recovered from a virus standstill better than many others in the industry, with the help of local authorities. After resuming operations on February 10, the plant – the only one from Tesla outside the United States – exceeded pre-shutdown capacity and reached a weekly production of 3,000 cars, a company representative said on Friday.


The auto giant’s plants in Guangzhou and Changchun have returned to their regular two-shift schedule, while in Tianjin all production lines are back to two shifts, except for one that remains in one shift. The Chengdu plant sticks to its usual shift. More than 98 percent of Toyota dealers are open again, and the company currently has no plans to adjust its China sales target for 2020.


Almost all production facilities are ready for operation again, according to the Volkswagen Group. The challenges include a slow national supply chain and ramping up logistics as well as limited travel options for employees. All component production facilities of Volkswagen and its partners are producing again, it said. The company adjusts its production quantities to the current conditions, e.g. B. By switching to one shift instead of two, according to the company.


Earlier this month, Volvo Cars reopened its four manufacturing facilities in China after a long blackout period to deal with the virus outbreak. The automaker said current showroom traffic is showing a return to normal in the Chinese auto market. Volvo manufactures vehicles in Chengdu, Luqiao and Daqing and builds engines in Zhangjiakou.

Automotive News Europe and Reuters contributed to this report

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