BMW X3 M40d (2020): the video test!

BMW has expanded the X3 series with a second M Performance variant. In addition to the petrol engine X3 M40i (six cylinders with 360 PS), the brand launched the X3 M40d, the most powerful diesel version with a 6-cylinder, 3-liter twin-turbo engine, which achieved 326 PS and a maximum torque of 680 PS Nm ( available from 1,750 rpm).

Despite the weight of 1.9 tons, BMW announces 4.9 seconds for 0 to 100 m / h with the 8-speed automatic transmission. It’s just a little tenth more than the X3 M40i.

“We always feel under our feet”

What gives driving? “The power and the torque enable us to revive very comfortably under all circumstances, even on the highway and at high speed,” announces Cyril Biotteau, our journalist tester, who was able to handle the beast. “We have the feeling that we are always under our feet. The 680 Nm is available very early, and this diesel is also exceptionally well available on top of the towers,” added our expert.

Discover the test of the BMW X3 M40d in the video.

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