Aston Martin Valhalla (2022): Here is the brand new V6!

Aston Martin releases the veil of its brand new V6, which will be the first engine to have been entirely in-house since 1968, since the current V12 from Ford and the V8 from Mercedes-AMG have been manufactured. The new block bears the name TM01 in homage to the engineer Tadek Marek, who in the 1950s and 1960s designed the six-cylinder engine that animated so many Aston Martin. It will debut under the hood of the announced Valhalla supercar in 2022.

This V6 is a twin-turbo and shows 3 l displacement with a “hot V” configuration, ie the turbochargers are located inside the V. The mechanics have a dry housing. In addition, it was developed for electrification right from the start. Discover the V6 in the video.

A V6 for a long service life

The V6 can be used in a simple hybrid configuration as a plug-in hybrid and will be the most powerful engine in the entire Aston Martin range when it is released. The manufacturer has already announced an output of around 1,000 hp for the Valhalla, which is less than the 1,176 hp of the V12 hybrid of the Valkyrie, the 150 of which (plus 25 AMR Pro variants) should be sold out. ‘here. According to the Gaydon company, the TM01 weighs less than 200 kg and meets future Euro 7 environmental standards

The Aston Martin Valhalla is produced in 500 copies and sold for just over a million euros each. The V6 TM01 will then animate other models with a mid-rear engine, such as the next Vanquish, which is not a limited series.

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