And now Peugeot draws … planchas!

The Peugeot Design Lab has struck again! Based on the design of a sailboat or even a helicopter, the style center of the lion brand in Vélizy (Yvelines) drew … planchas this time.

He actually imagined the design of the “Allure” models for Le Marquier, the creator of high-end planchas near Bayonne in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques (64).

From € 549 to € 599

In particular, the menu includes: steel, stainless steel, control buttons that are inspired by the kitchen tables and have a pleasant handle, an integrated piezo to switch on and set the temperature with a single gesture, etc. etc.

“The studio designers have designed a user-friendly, ergonomic and elegant plancha with a subtle Basque identity in the rounded edges,” announced the lion in a press release.

The Planchas from the “Allure” collection are available in three models in electric or gas versions and are sold on the website Prices range from € 549 to € 599.

These planchas are not Peugeot’s first foray into the world of cooking since the company previously had the food truck “Le Bistrot du Lion”, the salt and pepper mills “Milan” and an amazing nomad oyster bar for oyster makers Gillardeau.

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